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Welcome to our wedding website! We’ve designed this site to give you as much information about our big day as possible. Have fun exploring the site and finding all the information you might need about the venue, where to stay, travel, catering and more that we can’t fit on a traditional invitation! If there's anything you need to know that isn't on here, don't hesitate to get in touch using the ‘contact’ button at the top right of this page.

Meanwhile, the countdown is on!!

Our Story

Frathew 2017

It was a cold, wet January day in 2014. Matthew was back home in England during a break in his busy tour schedule, and Francesca was training huskies in Austria. With the wonder of modern day internet dating, Matt found Frankie online via a popular website. After reading her rather detailed profile he decided to message her immediately. That lunchtime Francesca flipped open her laptop and read his message. She immediately liked what she read too.

About a million messages later, a couple of Skype dates, a growing sense of excitement, and a flight back to the UK - they finally met. They knew that this time, things were different and the connection was incredible. Not even a week later and they were officially an item, much to the shock of friends and family!

Cue December 2015, and then this happened...

And so we end up here, planning an event with our nearest and dearest which will mark the beginning of the rest of forever together.

Gift List

Ah gifts! We'll make this easy for you - we really REALLY REEEALLLYYY don't want gifts. We sadly don't have a home to put anything in, and no means to store stuff so please don't buy us things! Unfortunately, they will be sold on, donated, or given away. We recognise that especially for those coming from far away, simply attending our wedding will already entail spending money on travel and accommodation. Many of our friends are already contributing their skills, time, effort and energy to this event, and for the gift of your participation we thank you.

To make it easier for the more traditional gift givers among you, or if you cannot attend but still want to treat us, we have set up this gifting page! All we want right now is a wedding and a house, and seeing as there is no way we are going to ask anyone for a house, we'd LOVE your help to build our wedding and send us away on a honeymoon. If you would like to contribute to the start of our marriage in this way, we would be eternally grateful.

Here the details for a direct and easy bank transfer:
Bank = Natwest
Account number: 10797912
Sort Code: 55-70-02

Just remember to add your name the transfer notes (either online or to the cashier at the bank) so we know who you are and can say thank you! Failing all that, you are welcome to send other forms of gift money directly to our current address: 8 Woodville Road, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 1LT.

Additionally, if any of our family & friends would like to give us a 'skill' in place of a gift, or take on some tasks on the day, please get in touch with your ideas and offers! It would help us more than you know! Thank you so so much, M&F. xx

Wedding FAQ

Matrimony Homies

Although a wedding is a traditional, ancient sort of affair, there are certain elements to our celebrations that are far from traditional. We have an eclectic mix of close friends from both genders and therefore the standard roles of bridesmaids and groomsmen simply wouldn't work for us. Instead, we created a team to help us out! Please familiarise yourself with these glorious faces, as they will be your points of contact for any questions, directions or information. Say hello to the Matrimony Homies!



One of Frankie’s oldest and closest friends, Michelle has been a shoulder and ear for the bride over the years. She is highly organised, sassy, and a lot of fun to be around.

Likes = cats, Harry Potter and Ronan Keating.

Dislikes = ponchos, and wet socks.



One of Matt’s oldest and closest friends. Rita and Matt have been friends since dinosaurs ruled the earth. She has been witness to many drunken shenanigans with the groom.

Likes = The Specials, and black clothing.

Dislikes = Manchester United.



Adam is another old friend of Frankie’s from school. An all-around great guy (and also ‘Other Plans’ in our save-the-date video), nothing is ever too much trouble, and the man cooks a mean lasagne.

Likes = cycling, DIY and Mexican food.

Dislikes = webpage pop-up adverts.



Chrisie joined the ranks through becoming the wife of Adam (above) and was an instant hit with the group. She is super intelligent and a sucker for chocolate fuelled action movie nights.

Likes = cats, Xbox and camping.

Dislikes = people that say ‘nufink’ instead of ‘nothing’.



thick as thieves with Matt, Alex is the only calm normal person of the group! A closet hipster, he is full of interesting stories and knows everything there is to know about drones and photography.

Likes = beer, classic cars, and burlesque.

Dislikes = vegans.



aka ‘The Confuser’, is the most zany character from our group. Previous drum tech to Matt and also ‘Bad Excuses’ in our save-the-date video, Tom is a dab hand at DIY and an excellent cosplayer.

Likes = gaming, tech, and Jack Daniels.

Dislikes = the build-up of that stuff you get on your fingers when you eat Twiglets.



a very old friend of the bride, Justine was a facilitator of much bad behaviour during school years! She is always up for adventure, fun and wine fuelled movie evenings.

Likes = cats, sunshine, comics.

Dislikes = people who leave the price stickers on the bottom of their shoes.



Rosie is the golden heart of the group, with a very bubbly friendly nature. She is passionate about animals and Take That, and she never ever arrives on time for anything.

Likes = cats, Channing Tatum, and chick flicks.

Dislikes = walking into a room and forgetting why you went in there.



Kally rarely fails to turn up to social events or parties, like the social butterfly she is! A creative writer and fellow Japan travel companion to Frankie, Kally is always willing to help out.

Likes = comics, J-pop, and sci-fi movies.

Dislikes = spider tornadoes.

The Sten Do's

All good weddings begin with the stag and hen parties! Come back here later in the year to see evidence of these (probably shameful) events.

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